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 (!) Helbreath Moonlight

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#1PostSubject: (!) Helbreath Moonlight    (!) Helbreath Moonlight  999109/10/2016, 2:21 pm

Server Files de Helbreath Moonlight. Chequea la facebook page para saber lo que contiene, pero abajo un resumen (aproximado). 
Images: https://www.facebook.com/hbmoonlight
OJO: los files estan a la venta, el dueño tiene 2 anos sin tocar Helbreath. Aun asi tienen cosas que ningun server ha llegado a hacer aun. Aqui el link: https://sellfy.com/p/h8BX/ Cualquier contacto en la website.

Max Level: 250
Exp: Very fast, you should reach 250 in about 15minutes
Gold: Low   (ex. Scorpion 50g, Hellclaw 4000g). Gold will be very important on this server!
Stats: Usually 350, but may vary depending on your class choice.
Classes: Warrior, Mage, Hunter, Battlemage
Enemy Kills (EK): 1
Penalty Kills (PK):  1 +  -10rep
Drops: are low-medium, but it may vary depending on your Luck Points (check features)

- Wanted System
- Battle Staffs
- New Gold system: Platinium
- Friend system
- Group-PFM/Zerk/Restoration for hunts
- Working Lucky System
- Guild Recruitment System (cityhall) to post your guild to recruit people
- New Drop System, Critical Systme, Ticket System, Health System
- Anti-Character Rob (keyloggers) enable/disable option
- Achievement system (NEW!!!) with NPCS / Enviroment / PVP
- Guild System (NEW) with guild levels, player rankings, etc
- Players on minimap (party, guild, etc)
- Angel and Demons
- Loyalty Points
- Donation System
- All trades are on dialog boxes (Gail)
- DK Set with upgrades
- New Weapons (Piercing, Keen, Slayer, etc)
- New Armors (Air resist, Water, etc)
- 4 classes: Warrior, Mage, Hunter, Battlemage
- Class Active Skills (up to 9) activated with Ctrl+Z/X
- Class Passive Skills (up to 9) always active
- NPC Classifications (work with Slayer items)
- Item Descripcions
- Item Classes
- Armor & Weapon Tiers
- Working Beholder Neck
- Working (all) Necklaces with their resistances
- New Spells for the mages (like ESW, but with fire element, air element, water element, etc)
- Duel System (/duel playername])
- /traderep (with confirmation)
- /roll for items (party hunts, instead of foodgame)
- New Professions
---- Enchanting: create enchants for your armors (stackable)
---- Manufacturing: create hero armors (merien xelima ice medusa)
---- Alchemy: create new potions
---- Crafting: working 100%
- New Events:
---- Crusade, Apocalypse, Heldenian: 100%
---- Vote Event, Wisdom Overdose (exp*2), Annihilation (all players on minimap), Bloodthirst (damage*3), Revolution (ek*2), HuntMap Event (special map available to hunt/pvp), HuntingSpree (get tokens to exchange for weapons), Dark Force Event (summon event infront of cityhall), FoodGame (automatic on new map), Capture The Relic (new map, capt the relic)
- New Trades: BallTrade, HuntingSpree Trades, Dark Force Trade, EK Trade, Donations Trade, Vote Points trade, Platinium Trades, Loyalty Trades, Majestic Points Trades
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(!) Helbreath Moonlight
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