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 New server: Helbreath Rocks

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New server: Helbreath Rocks Empty
#1PostSubject: New server: Helbreath Rocks   New server: Helbreath Rocks 999103/6/2020, 9:11 am


Everyone is invited to try out my new server Helbreath Rocks. The thing is that it works in the browser so you can play on any computer, any browser, anywhere any time. Just visit https://www.helbreath.rocks/HelGame/ create an account and you're in!

My main focus of the server is vanilla settings (closer to official servers but with higher exp), but in the future the game will be extended with new fun features once there's no bugs and all the "real Helbreath" features are working. I started out with original 2.20 leaks slowly bringing new features and fixing bugs on the way. Now we're almost close to 3.82. I'd say my server is most stable HB server out there since this project started around ~2018 and took me awhile to fix bugs on the way.

Exp: about x50
Max lvl: 180
Stat: 200

Our discord: https://discord.gg/Cn95hC5

New server: Helbreath Rocks SjSXR5O
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New server: Helbreath Rocks Empty
#2PostSubject: Re: New server: Helbreath Rocks   New server: Helbreath Rocks 999103/6/2020, 11:08 am

Good to meet you and welcome to the community ! I'll try it later Very Happy seems good. Thanks for sharing your server!
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New server: Helbreath Rocks
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