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 Q..cancellation delay

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Q..cancellation delay  Empty
#1PostSubject: Q..cancellation delay    Q..cancellation delay  9991010/7/2021, 1:52 am

^^Find the delay source, fix it, and complete it's done.

There was no answer, but thank you.

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Q..cancellation delay  Empty
#2PostSubject: Re: Q..cancellation delay    Q..cancellation delay  9991010/8/2021, 8:01 am

There is no delay in magic application, this is most probably from the ping delay, as magic application normally is instant. You can try it locally in your PC and see the effect to see if there is a delay or not as it shouldn't.

However if there is a delay even if you host locally, then probably we need to see the code for magic applications.
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Q..cancellation delay
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